Carpet for Executive areas,

meeting rooms and open office areas

Carpet tile is option of flooring material that is practical, comfortable, durable and can help create a working environment that is productive and flexible. Being the most abuse material, choosing a good quality carpet is crucial to a commercial space.

Professional installation can make a big difference to the look of a great value carpet, while carpet tiles give you the option to repair damaged areas quickly and seamlessly without the expense of refitting an entire office floor.

Executive Area

Executive areas needs materials beyond practicabiity, functionality and sustainability. The carpet will represent the image of the company, the message that user and visitor get when they visit the rooms. A selection from bold design to basic executive style, all in the concept of today fast paced working space

General Area

We are passionate about developing carpets that have the most impactful colours, designs and textures to maximize the productivity and wellbeing of working people within commercial, governmental and public buildings.